Local Government Finances in Rhode Island


The primary objective of this publication is to bring together the many provisions of the Rhode Island General Laws which deal with local finance and taxation; including specific references to state statutes dealing with individual cities and towns in Rhode Island in matters of local finances and taxation.

It is intended to be a useful reference for local finance directors, tax assessors, town treasurers, tax collectors and others interested in municipal finance in Rhode Island. It is not intended to be an official revision of no substitute for the General Laws.

This publication was completely revised in 1997 to reflect the many changes that have been enacted in recent years.

Although the text of the city & town statues has not been included, references to their location in the General Laws have been highlighted throughout this publication.

Additionally, for the first time, a separate listing of individual city and town citations has been included.

If you need any information or assistance in relation to local finance or taxation laws, please contact Mr. James Savage (574-9909) or Mr. Rudy Falcone (574-9905).  

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