Shy Guy’s Guide To Success With Women

There are thousands of websites, eBooks, guides, course etc. out there that teach you how to
approach women.

Yup, you can learn everything from what type of shoes make you appear more sexy in a woman’s eyes, to sleazy straight to the point pick than in bed with a beautiful girl. But no matter what these courses teach you, they have one thing in common.

And that is they all teach that CONFIDENCE IS KEY to approaching women. So knowing all the stupid pickup lines, magic tricks and “secrets” in the world might help out your day dreams, all this wont do you much good when trying to approach a women unless you have the confidence to look her in the eyes and tell her how you feel and what you want from her.
For many men, approaching a pretty girl they like can feel as if they have an anxiety disorder. The nervousness and anxiety can become so bad when trying to “pick up” a pretty girl, that you might actually experience symptoms that are similar to those of a panic attack! Now let me ask you this, when you are thinking about or are about to approach a beautiful girl that you like.

Do you experience any of these symptoms:
• Hyperventilating
• Jitteriness
• Racing thoughts

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