The Secret of the Old Clock

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Nancy’s Risky Undertaking “I MUST notify the police at once!” Nancy told herself as she recognized the three thieves. Turning away from the window, she crept noiselessly from the porch. She was about to make a dash for her car when a sudden thought occurred to her.

“If the gang have parked their van in the barn, now’s my chance to look for the Crowley clock. I’m sure those men will be eating for a while, or they may even be staying overnight.” Acting on the impulse, Nancy sprinted to her car. Hastily she snatched a flashlight from the compartment, since it was now dark outside. She made her way cautiously to the rear of the inn. Reaching the barn,

she tried the closed doors, her heart pounding. They had not been locked! As she slid back one of the doors, it squeaked in an alarming fashion. Anxiously Nancy glanced toward the inn, but so far as she could tell, her actions were unobserved. There was no one in sight. Focusing her flashlight, she peered hopefully into the dark interior. A cry of satisfaction escaped her lips.

In front of her stood the moving van! “What luck!” she exclaimed, snapping off her light. With a last cautious glance in the direction of the inn, she hastily stepped inside and closed the barn door. With it shut, the interior of the barn was pitch dark.

Nancy switched on her flashlight again and played it over the moving van. She saw that its rear doors were closed. Securing a firm grip on the handle, she gave it a quick turn. To her dismay the door did not open. The thieves had locked the van!

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