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50 book ideas for writing a book you can start today

50 book ideas for writing a book you can start today


Embarking on the journey of writing a book is an exciting endeavor that often starts with a simple idea. For many aspiring authors, the challenge lies not in the desire to write but in finding that perfect concept to explore. In this article, we'll delve into a treasure trove of 50 unique non-fiction book ideas, providing inspiration for writers seeking to make their mark on the literary landscape.

Ask Yourself Questions:

            Share Your Struggles:

         Explore personal, professional, or creative challenges you've faced and overcome.

         Use your story to help others feel less alone in their struggles.

         Reflect on your goals and obstacles to offer insights and encouragement.

            Document Your Learning Journey:

         Share your current learning experiences, whether in relationships, health practices, work efficiencies, or athletic pursuits.

         Offer valuable lessons and insights that others might find beneficial.

            Capture Day-to-Day Life:

         Chronicle your daily experiences and observations.

         Find universal meaning in the particular and personal aspects of your life.

         Explore transitions, routines, and celebrations that hold significance for you.

Look Around You:

            Compile Family History:

         Craft a compelling narrative around the stories of your family members.

         Share the origin story of your family, exploring how it shaped your identity.

            Explore Hometown History:

         Uncover the stories that define your hometown.

         Highlight local landmarks, famous personalities, and insider tips.

            Share Personal History:

         Reflect on key events and relationships that have shaped your identity.

         Offer a glimpse into your personal origin story.

            Advocate for a Meaningful Cause:

         Share volunteer experiences that deepened your understanding or perspective.

         Highlight stories of how organizations make a positive impact and change lives.

            Celebrate Special Events:

         Turn unique experiences, like attending concerts or hosting speakers' series, into captivating stories.

         Reflect on the conversations and moments that inspired you.

            Chronicle Travel Stories:

         Compile a travel book filled with discoveries made in distant lands.

         Blend your writing with captivating travel photographs.

Become Your Own Storyteller:

            Conduct an Experiment:

         Dive into a 30, 60, or 90-day experiment and document your experience.

         Share insights gained and lessons learned during the process.

            Write Behind Your Favorite Topics:

         Use favorite books, albums, songs, films, or paintings as inspiration.

         Craft creative and relatable stories that resonate with your passions.

            Highlight Your Biggest Success:

         Share the journey of achieving a significant goal.

         Reflect on the factors that led to success and the support you received.

            Reveal Your Biggest Failure:

         Explore lessons learned from failures.

         Offer guidance on dealing with fear, failure, and building resilience.

            Embark on Epic Adventures:

         Document extraordinary experiences, from fundraising for charity to tackling life's obstacles.

         Inspire others with stories of determination and achievement.

Pick a Non-Fiction Genre to Get Started:

            Write a Big Idea Book:

         Focus on a new concept, tool, or learning that can positively impact people's lives.

         Share one significant thing you know that can bring about change.

            Create a List Book:

         Transform personal lists, like gratitude or favorite local spots, into a creative and informative book.

         Offer inspiration and insights drawn from your lists.

            Publish an Educational Photo Book:

         Combine impressive photographs with captivating captions or stories.

         Share insights about local geography, history, flora, and fauna.

            Compile a Series of Letters:

         Document enlightening correspondences in a book.

         Share dialogues that offer unique perspectives or tell a compelling story.

            Craft an Interview Book:

         Compile interviews with inspiring individuals in your life, community, or professional field.

         Organize the book around a theme or turn the conversations into insightful essays.

Consider Content You Have Already Written:

            Print a Series of Blog Posts:

         Compile and organize daily or weekly articles into chapters or sections.

         Transform blog posts into a cohesive narrative that takes your stories to the next level.

            Create a Book of Postcards:

         Revive the art of snail mail by making a coffee table book of postcards.

         Share quirky, insightful, or fun postcards you've received or collected.

            Publish Love Letters:

         Collaborate with a partner to share love letters, poems, and reflections.

         Get creative and write fictional love letters to people, places, objects, or events you adore.

            Turn Journal Entries Into a Book:

         Share unique journal pages, offering a glimpse into your personal reflections.

         Inspire readers with your introspective journey.

            Publish Your Own Cookbook:

         Share your culinary creations and family recipes.

         Explore themes like dietary trends, international cuisine, or family traditions.

Look to the Non-Fiction Bestseller Categories from Amazon:

            Make a New City Home:

         Chronicle the challenges and joys of relocating to a new city, state, or country.

         Share insights that resonate with people experiencing similar transitions.

            Share Best or Worst Date Stories:

         Craft a compelling narrative around your dating experiences.

         Offer humorous or insightful anecdotes that readers can relate to.

            Write a Family Member's Biography:

         Explore the unique, inspiring, or powerful life story of a family member.

         Share the journey of a distant ancestor or living relative who defied the odds.

Self-Help Book Ideas:

            Describe Intuitive Eating:

         Share personal strides in adopting intuitive and healthy eating habits.

         Offer a guide for others seeking empowerment through intuitive eating.

            Explore New Rules for Dating:

         Take a lighthearted or serious approach to modern dating.

         Include research, personal anecdotes, observations, or interviews.

Religion and Spirituality Book Ideas:

            Design an Inspirational Gift Book:

         Compile favorite quotes paired with photography or illustrations.

         Create a motivational book that inspires and uplifts.

            Publish a Religious Study or Devotional Workbook:

         Share divine wisdom, traditions, and lessons for personal growth.

         Create a devotional workbook based on personal experiences.

            Write a Religious Memoir:

         Chronicle personal events, learnings, or transformations that shaped your religious beliefs.

         Offer a memoir that resonates with readers seeking spiritual insights.

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Book Ideas:

            Inspire With Food Life Lessons:

         Share insights on maintaining a healthy weight or understanding the impact of food on overall health.

         Offer life lessons learned through personal experiences with food.

            Summarize a Specific Diet Experience:

         Document a 30-day experience on a specific diet.

         Share personal insights, challenges, and results.

            Compile a Research Summary on Exercise:

Use your scientific and fitness knowledge to create a comprehensive guidebook on exercise. Include training tips, health facts, and motivational content to inspire readers to embrace a more active lifestyle.

Politics and Social Science Book Ideas:

            Explore Public Policy and Ideologies:

         Leverage your passion for debates to bring forth a persuasive book on public policy, ideologies, or politics.

         Back your arguments with data and insights that engage and inform readers.

            Forecast Political and Cultural Trends:

         Channel your research skills to forecast upcoming political and cultural trends.

         Share your insights as an expert or passionate professional.

Cookbook, Food, and Wine Book Ideas:

            Collect Recipes From the Family Restaurant:

         Celebrate your love for cooking by sharing recipes from your family's culinary traditions.

         Offer a delightful journey into your kitchen with captivating stories and mouthwatering dishes.

            Print a Guide to Local Wineries:

         Showcase your passion for wine by creating a guidebook to local wineries.

         Pair it with photos, reviews, and recommendations for wine enthusiasts.

            Explain 10 Things You Learned About Cooking:

         Share your expertise on baking the perfect cake or mastering Southern barbecue.

         Offer valuable tips and tricks for aspiring chefs.

Business and Money Book Ideas:

            Tell Your Debt-Free Journey:

         Chronicle your personal journey of getting out of debt.

         Provide valuable financial lessons and advice for readers of all ages.

            Write About Securing Investments for a Project:

         Share your experiences in organizing fundraisers or writing successful grants.

         Offer practical advice for securing investments and project funding.

            Offer Tips on Earning a Living From Creative Work:

         Share your insights on making a living through creative endeavors.

         Provide guidance for aspiring artists, writers, filmmakers, and photographers.

            Share Advice on Running a Large Business:

         Draw from your experiences to offer insights into managing a successful company.

         Provide valuable tips for business owners navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.

            Show What You Learned From the Failure of a Startup:

         Reflect on the challenges and lessons learned from a startup failure.

         Share your wisdom to guide aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey.

Education and Teaching Book Ideas:

            Publish a Classroom Curriculum You Designed:

         Compile lesson units that resonated with your students.

         Create a practical workbook, ebook, or magazine detailing your teaching process.

Crafts, Hobbies, and Home Book Ideas:

            Develop a Guide to Meaningful Photography:

         Share insights on capturing meaningful moments through photography.

         Provide tips on composition, lighting, and storytelling through images.

            Make an Instructional Knitting or Sewing Guide:

         Share your expertise in knitting or sewing through a practical guide.

         Include step-by-step instructions and creative project ideas.

            Create an Interior Design Guide Book:

         Showcase your creative instincts by sharing style advice and trends in interior design.

         Cater to various styles, from Boho chic to French country to modern minimalist.

            Encourage People to Learn a New Hobby:

         Inspire beginners with projects in woodworking, room decor, or jewelry making.

         Share your creative skills and expertise to guide others in their new hobby journey.


In this diverse array of non-fiction book ideas, there's something for every aspiring author. Whether you're drawn to personal narratives, informative guides, or creative explorations, these suggestions provide a rich tapestry of possibilities to kickstart your writing journey. Remember, the key is to infuse your unique voice and perspective into each idea, making it a reflection of your passion and creativity.




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