21st Century Networking and Social Dominance

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21st Century Networking and Social Dominance

Differences between Traditional Network Marketing and New Age Network Marketing

Network marketing is no longer about inviting your friends and family over for a little party at home where you give them a talk about this great new business opportunity you are involved in and hand them out some pamphlets or brochures. It isn’t even about getting a list of phone numbers from a ‘reliable’ source and calling people on the list speaking as enthusiastically as you can about your new business opportunity. And it definitely doesn’t restrict itself to visiting seminars and workshops, probably being guided by your leader on prospecting.

Today, people who are into MLM have given it a whole new meaning. Actually, we must rephrase that. The Internet has given a whole new meaning to the world of MLM. Today, people are using the various resources of the Internet in order to bring their prospects to them.

The days of visiting a thousand people in the hopes of getting 10 interested persons are over. With the Internet, the age of targeted marketing has been heralded. It is now so very simple to get right to the people who will be interested.

If you play everything the right way, you don’t even need to get to these people. You could make these people come to you.

As a result, the chances of rejection are quite abysmal. You don’t get rejected because you are no longer shooting in the dark. You are bringing interested people to you, not the other way round. You are able to find niches, however small they might be. It is not about quantity anymore, it is about quality. You are able to find quality prospects and save your time (and improve your potential) by dealing only with these select few people.

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