A Brief Guide to Starting a Home Based Business

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A reference for helping people who are ready to start and build their own business but don't know where to begin. The book uses the author's own experiences gained from starting at the age of eighteen; guiding reader through a jungle of ideas and reveals problems that can be avoided by careful planning.

Although only brief, the book covers as many important details as can be possible in its sixty five pages.


With over 40% of businesses, on both sides of the Atlantic, either giving up or failing in their first year, going into business, on your own, is not for the faint hearted. Let us discuss what starting your own business means. This report is not about dissuading you from being your own boss, but showing what qualities and dedication are needed from you to become a success.

Whether you set out to become wealthy, earn a good living, or provide a service that helps disadvantaged people. Becoming your own boss is a tough and rewarding decision if you plan it right from the word go and don’t skip any of the stages.

I have been my own boss since the age of eighteen and I have owned a range of different business’s, and although there have been many hair raising moments along the way I have to admit that I wouldn’t change the experience. 

So you want to start a business, preferably Home Based? You have always dreamt of starting your own business, but you don’t know where to begin.

If you’ve always yearned of being your own Boss, then you have just completed the first step. The mere fact that you have that all empowering urge to start your own business and have control over your own destiny, is what will, (if you allow it) drive you forward. 

Now lets be serious and consider what it takes to be your own man or woman. Read through the following questions and give honest answers. It’s your future you are considering.   Think carefully about your willingness to take on the responsibility of such an undertaking.

Now Ask Yourself: 

1. Do you think you are ready to begin a business?

Where does your idea to begin your own business come from? Do you look at successful businesses around you and think I can do that, or have you always had the dormant idea seeding in your subconscious mind.  

It’s time to be realistic and come down to earth. Most business, begin with a thought or an idea. Like a disease it gets hold of your entire being, and grows and grows until you become overwhelmed either with excitement, or trepidation. 

The more you think about it the more excited you become until you take action.  It’s like sowing a seed inside your mind. Doubt is a word you cannot entertain, because it will destroy your purpose. 

You have to be confident that you can take on the responsibility of running a business, no matter how small they are, they still require commitment and dedication. 

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