Abs Diet Cookbook

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THIS IS NOT YOUR standard cookbook. A simple flip through the following pages will tell you that. Among the words you will not find in these pages: au jus, glacée, ragout, béchamel, bouquet garni, and coq au vin. Among the words you will find in the following pages: lean, abs, strong, fit, healthy, body.

What you're holding in your hands is not just a compilation of food tips and smart recipes: The New Abs Diet Cookbook is, in fact, a training manual—one that will help you to strip away fat (from your belly first!); build lean, strong muscle; boost your energy level; and discover the flat, firm abdomen hiding beneath the softer layers of your midsection.

Of course, traditional cookbooks have their place on the kitchen shelf. Sometimes you need to find a pumpkin pie recipe, learn the best way to braise a capon, or figure out what to do with the catch of the day. But most cookbooks are training tools for your taste buds.

The New Abs Diet Cookbook is a training tool for your whole body, one that will reshape your physique into a tower of lean, sexy muscle. (And your tastebuds are going to get pretty buff, too!) Now, you might be thinking: How can eating delicious food help me to become leaner and fitter? How can a cookbook help me build muscle and get rid of my gut? After all, isn't building muscle just a matter of going to the gym and throwing around heavy objects? And isn't shedding flab just a matter of eating less and trading in cupcakes for rice cakes? Well, no.

Shedding belly fat isn't just about eating less food, and building muscle isn't just about going to the gym and dripping sweat on all the gleaming chrome machinery. The groundwork for both goals is laid right in your own kitchen. And that's where this book comes in.

By centering all of the recipes around the 12 Abs Diet Powerfoods—the most powerful fat-burning, muscle-building, disease-fighting foods known to man—this cookbook will do more than simply keep you happy and well-fed. It will help you strip away fat (did I mention fromyour belly first?), up to 20 pounds in the next 4 to 6 weeks. And you will never, ever go hungry—or eat a single rice cake.

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