Healthy Weight Loss Without Dieting


Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting Have you had those extra pounds seemingly creep up on you with no apparently obvious reason? It’s not as if you feel like you've been eating more than usual, and certainly not enough to show up so strikingly on the scale. Most all of us have experienced this at least once in our lifetime. It takes us by surprise and leaves us in a slight state of shock because it doesn't seem as though we have done anything to deserve this extra poundage.

I am no exception. Like millions of others, I have personally experienced the rollercoaster ride of losing and regaining a large amount of weight (50 pounds to be exact). Because it is such a widespread problem, there doesn't seem to be any area of health in which there is more time, effort, and money spent than in the area of weight loss. So even though those of us who are trying to lose weight decrease food intake and exercise more, long-term weight loss still seems to elude many of us.

The common scenario is to initially lose weight but soon gain it back. In fact, in about 90% of cases people regain all the weight they lost, and oftentimes end up heavier than when they started! Preventing this weight loss roller coaster and helping you to find a way to enjoy weight-loss foods that can help you get and stay slim and healthy is what this book is all about.

Very few people can sustain a starvation-type diet or diets that are nutritionally imbalanced and deprive the body of the important nutrients it needs to function optimally. It has been increasingly acknowledged that long-term weight loss does not result from dieting but through a change in lifestyle to eating nutrient-rich food, like the World’s Healthiest Foods.

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