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Technically, a person is considered a senior citizen when they reach the age of 65. However, that’s not always the way the general public feels – especially those who have hit the age of 50.

When AARP starts sending you offers to join their organization, you have essentially crossed over into the “senior set”. To some people, this might send them into spasms of denial.

After all, how can you be 60 when you still feel 30 in your mind? But, really, that’s a good way to think. It’s
been said many, many times that age is simply a number – it’s a state of mind how old you actually are!
If you're over 50 years old, you've likely heard many times by now that you're over the hill. What started this rumor that once you've reached the middle of your life, it's all downhill from there?
Today's baby-boomers will stop at nothing to put an end to this rumor.

They'll prove that the over 50 crowd is stronger and smarter than ever. Those over age 50 are
more physically active than ever. Many have a decent amount of disposable income.

They are politically active, culturally motivated and in tune with modern trends. Mark Twain once said “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.” Truer words, I think, have never been spoken! So you’re a senior citizen – so what! Life doesn’t have to be relegated to planting
flowers and rocking on your front porch talking about the good old days. Believe me; the good old days are just starting!

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