Optimum Anabolic

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Let me introduce you to JOE HARDGAINER. You see, Joe is very typical of the bodybuilders trying to pack on muscle in today’s gyms. 

Determined to look like “those guys” in the magazines, he signs up for his membership at the local gym, buys his weightlifting gloves and belt, and all the other “essential” tools for packing on the pounds, and begins his quest. 

At the gym, he follows the lead of all the other “muscle heads” and begins bench pressing, curling, and squatting the most weight he can. Like the other misinformed Wanna-Be’s, he thinks that working HARDER and HARDER, steadily increasing the weight on the bar, will force his body into growth beyond his wildest dreams. 

He makes some gains…enough to keep him pushing on, but soon finds himself STAGNATED. 

Not seeing any more strength or size development, Joe decides to go the NEXT LEVEL. He looks around the gym for the biggest iron-pumping “consultant” he can find that also looks friendly enough to talk to.

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