The Lazy Man's Guide to Weight Loss

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To start off, you must understand that I am no spring chicken anymore. At 58, my metabolism has slowed, as it does in folks who have matured. It is a natural thing, but it doesn't have to be that way or at least to the extent that we have taught our bodies to react as we grow older. For many of us, it is an excuse. Laziness and inactivity creeps into our lives, so we must do something to combat that very thing.

Please keep in mind, that ANY weight loss regimen begins with you and ONLY you. If

you don't decide right now to change your habits then you are doomed to fail. While this, once again, is stupid simple. ACTION is the key word here. Nobody can do this for you. You must decide that you are going to change your eating habits. You must decide if you want to be able to start breathing normally again and start regaining the energy that you have lost. Just figuring that it is your age that is holding you back is only an excuse. If you tell yourself that you will not be able to do this, then guess what you won't. You have to start with a positive mindset and knowing that you are doing something that is life changing. I have to tell you being free from my blood pressure medication was a HUGE thing for me. Being able to once again play basketball with my four newly adopted children was not only life changing for me but for them as well. It has also been nice to be able to reach down and do something as small as tie my own shoelaces without getting winded. My pants fit again, and my belly doesn't hang over melt the way it used to. All of this has given me a new outlook on life, and yes, a new beginning.

Do not sell yourself short. You CAN do this! Believe in yourself and have faith! You are choosing to do the right thing for your body. I am not going to go any further into it, because you have probably already heard it all before. You have probably already beat yourself up enough about it as well. I don't have to tell you about the benefits of losing weight, right? And I don't have to tell you what diseases are prevalent with people who are obese. These are all common knowledge, unless you've been living under a rock. 

Your choice is clear, and your minds are in a new place. Thinking thin is not going to be enough, but it is half the battle. Knowing you are taking the steps to improve your life is priceless.

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