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Earning a Comfortable Living from AdSense Reviewed 

Technically, there is only one way to earn money from AdSense. You create a website, and paste the AdSense code into the pages. You then drive traffic to that site, and you earn money when people click on the ads that are being served by Google. That sounds easy enough, right? 

It is easy, but it takes more thought and effort than that. What you must remember is that you only earn a few cents when someone clicks an ad, for the most part. That amount can be as little as three cents, and on up to five dollars. The most successful AdSense publishers are targeting keywords that pay the most amount of money. 

These AdSense publishers use a variety of tools to find out what the high paying keywords are. These tools include keyword research tools, such as Word Tracker and Keyword Elite. 

They spend a great deal of time researching those keywords, finding out what the top keywords are, in terms of number of people searching for them, and what word combinations are being used. These are words and phrases that they will target in the content of their sites.

Next, they determine which of those top keywords topics pay the most money per click. Those who have been in the AdSense game for a while are not going to build sites that target keywords that only pay three cents per click! They are making a living, and three cents doesn’t go very far in reaching their goal. you won’t find these tools inside your Google AdSense account. You need a Google AdWords account for this. 

You see, Google has two programs: Google AdSense and Google AdWords. 

Those two programs work together. Business owners use Google AdWords to promote their products and websites. When you publish Google AdSense ads on your site, the ads that are being displayed are those that people using the Google AdWords program have paid Google to run. 

Fortunately, it is free to set up a Google AdWords account. You just set it up, and get in there and start using the tools that are there to see how much bids are for the keywords that you’ve discovered using keyword selection tools such as Word Tracker and Keyword Elite. 

By doing this, you have access to the same information that the people who are paying for ads has, and this helps you to build more profitable AdSense websites. 

This is a secret that Google won’t tell you about, and few AdSense publishers will share with you. Having a Google AdWords account is the key to finding out which keywords are going to pay you the most amount of money per click. 

Choosing the right high paying keywords, however, isn’t all that there is to it. You also must have the traffic. Low traffic sites won’t make you a full-time living. This is why most publishers have more than one website. 

They find the top keywords in terms of number of searches, figure out the keywords from that list that pay the most amount of money per click, and then build sites accordingly.

A successful AdSense publisher may have sites on topics such as fishing, weight loss, video games, making money, and more. When you have multiple sites, you can make a nice living with a mid level amount of traffic to each site. 

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