21 Ways To Raise Fast Cash

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Let me start by saying what this guide is not. It is not: 

* A list of “get rich quick” schemes 

* A guide to participating in pyramid schemes 

* A list of multi-level marketing schemes 

* A list of business opportunities 

* A guide for creating a successful business in the long term 

* An attempt to get you to sell my products as an affiliate 

That’s right: unlike virtually all of the other guides you’ll find on the Internet about making money fast, this one won’t tell you to do it through questionable, unreasonable strategies; or through a business opportunity that will incur a loss in the short run. 

In fact, this guide is the opposite of that. It focuses on how you can make money in the short run--legally, and by using reasonable, easy-to-follow methods. It won’t tell you to incur losses, to make large investments up front, or to be patient.

This guide is designed for people like you: people who need money now; and can’t wait for some business opportunity to work itself out. 

With that said, let’s get into the substantive content. In the next 21 mini-chapters, I’m going to tell you how you can make money online and offline in a short amount of time and without risking any large investments in the process. 

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