Create An Authority Site With Articles

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Getting Content

This chapter is meant to act as a guide for helping you create content for your site. You will also learn some of the secrets of the trade when it comes to “content acquisition” that allows you to add content to your site that you didn’t even write yourself.

Let's say you have decided to start your first article for your Content Site site. You have decided to make it a general article, an overview about parrots. You have two options here. You can do up an outline, do the research and write it yourself, or you can use an article directory.

An article directory is, in plain English, a source of well-written original articles that are free for the printing on your web Content Site. What a time saver! Here's an example of a parrots article from an article directory that you could use on your parrot Content Site. This will give you an idea of the quality and detail of articles you could source for your site. 

You will notice the article has a good overview of some of the areas you wished to cover in your map. A word about article directories. With some of them you cannot alter content and must use all links mentioned in articles. You must also leave the author's name on the article. This may work for you so long as it is a quality article, as your whole point is to provide good parrots information for your parrot Content Site site.

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