MySQL for the Internet of Things

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Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are not nearly as complicated as the name may seem to indicate. Indeed, the IoT is largely another name for what we have already been doing. You may have heard of “connected devices” or “Internet-ready” or even “cloud-enabled.”

All of these refer to the same thing be it a single device such as a toaster or a plant monitor or a complex, multidevice product like home automation solutions.

They all share one thing in common: they can be accessed via the Internet to either display data or interact with the devices directly.

The trick is applying knowledge of technologies to leverage them to the best advantages for your IoT solution. In this book, we explore how to leverage MySQL in your IoT solution as a means to store your data. Intended Audience I wrote this book to share my passion for MySQL and IoT solutions.

I especially wanted to show how anyone can use MySQL to store IoT data even from small microcontrollers. Indeed, I want to share with the world the power and ease of installation and use of MySQL, the world’s most popular open-source database.

The intended audience therefore includes anyone interested in learning how to install and use MySQL, hobbyists and enthusiasts who need a way to store data in their IoT solutions, and designers and engineers building commercial IoT solutions.

How This Book Is Structured The book was written to guide the reader from a general knowledge of MySQL to expertise in developing MySQL solutions for the IoT.

The first several chapters cover general topics including a short introduction to the Internet of Things, how data is generated and stored, and some of the available hardware for IoT.

Additional chapters present a primer on MySQL including how to install and configure database servers. Throughout the book are examples of how to implement many of the concepts presented. The following is a brief overview of each chapter included in this book.

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