Neuro Linguistic Programming

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All able-bodied humans are born with the same basic neurological system. Your neurological system transmits the information you receive from your environment through your senses to your brain.

Your environment, in this context, is everything external to you, but also includes your organs, such as your eyes, ears, skin, stomach, and lungs. Your brain processes the information.

and transmits messages back to your organs. With your eyes, for example, the result of this may be that you blink.

The information can also create emotions, and you may feel joy, cry, or laugh. In short, you behave in a certain way. Your ability to do anything in life whether swimming the length of a pool, cooking a meal, or reading this book depends on how you respond to the stimuli on your nervous system.

Therefore, much of NLP is devoted to discovering how to think and communicate more effectively within yourself and with others.

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