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Mass Elements Mass Elements are used to give you a conceptual idea of the space and shape of a building without having to take the time to put in a lot of detail.

It allows you to create alternative designs quickly and easily and get approval before you put in a lot of effort.

When creating a conceptual mass to be used in a project, follow these steps:

1. Create a sketch of the desired shape(s).

2. Create levels to control the height of the shapes.

3. Create reference planes to control the width and depth of the shapes.

4. Draw a sketch of the profile of the shape.

5. Use the Massing tools to create the shape. Masses can be used to create a component that will be used in a project - such as a column, casework, or lighting fixture - or they can be used to create a conceptual building.

This exercise reinforces the following skills:

  • Creating the basic shapes using massing tools
  • Create an extrude
  • Modify the Extrude height
  • Create a revolve 
  • Create a sweep
  • Create a blend
  • Modify a blend.

1.There are several sketches in the file. Each set of sketches will be used to create a specific type of mass form.

2. The most basic mass form is an Extrude. This mass form requires a single closed polygonal sketch.The sketch should have no gaps or self intersecting lines. Select the rectangle so it highlights.

3. When the sketch is selected, you will see grips activated at the vertices. 

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