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The FinTech Book – the first globally crowdsourced book on the financial technology revolution – was published by Wiley in 2016 and has become a global bestseller. It exceeded all our expectations, and, in the meantime, the book is available in five languages across 107 countries both in paperback, e-book, and as an audiobook. More than 160 authors from 27 countries submitted 189 abstracts to be part of the book. About 50% of all contributors were chosen to write for the final book. When we launched The FinTech Book during 2017 across the world, our authors and readers had many opportunities to meet in person, sign the books together at global book launch events, and deepen our FinTech friendships worldwide.

In 2017 we decided to extend our FinTech Book Series by writing three new books on how new business models and technology innovation will change the global asset management and private banking sector (“WealthTech”), the insurance sector (“InsurTech”), and regulatory compliance (“RegTech”). We followed our approach of crowdsourcing the best experts for you to give you the most cutting-edge insight into the changes unfolding in our industry.

The InsurTech Book is the first book taking this approach globally – a book that provides food for thought to FinTech newbies, pioneers, and well-seasoned experts alike. Let me introduce you toour contributors and authors.

The reason we decided to reach out to the global FinTech and InsurTech communities in sourcing the book’s contributors lies in the inherently fragmented nature of the field of Financial Technology applied to insurance globally. There was no single author, group of authors, or indeed region in the world that could cover all the facets and nuances of InsurTech in an exhaustive manner. What is more, by being able to reach out to a truly global contributor base, we not only stayed true to the spirit of FinTech and InsurTech, making use of technological channels of communication in reaching out to, selecting, and reviewing our would-be contributors, we also made sure that every corner of the globe had the chance to have its say.

Particularly those that have very distinct views as to where InsurTech is going and the unique challenges it faces due to the inherent building blocks on which insurance grew. Thus, we aimed to fulfil one of the most important purposes of The InsurTech Book, namely to give a voice to those that would remain unheard and to spread that voice to an international audience. We have immensely enjoyed the journey of editing The InsurTech Book and sincerely hope that you will enjoy the journey of reading it, at least as much.

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