Life insurance

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The goal of the book is to give a general introduction to life, accident and health insurance (and some other areas that functionally belong here, e.g. the world of pension and health funds), and contains a possible discussion of the concept of life insurance. The concrete material of knowledge concerning the other mentioned insurance areas are contained in other textbooks, but the common basis can be found here.

Regarding life, accident and health insurance first of all we have to say that they are instruments to ward off events that can be anticipated in the life cycle and that occur in a standard way, but that cannot be anticipated on the individual’s level and have financial effects (pension, death, accident, sickness), and to eliminate uncertainty in the financial sense. Altogether we can say that life, accident and health insurances are instruments of the financial planning of the human life cycle. 

This way the first part of the book (chapters 1-3) discusses the financial planning of the life cycle. 

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