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Writing reviews can be frustrating at times. You put in the work, but you feel like you didn't really capture the essence of the book. Fortunately, we've got you covered with a variety of book review examples from various genres. These examples will show you how to write in different ways and will give you lots of ideas for your own reviews. So, keep reading to find out more!

Comprehending Book Reviews

A book review is akin to an in-depth evaluation and viewpoint of a book. The review discusses the book's general quality, its shortcomings, and its strengths in addition to being a summary.

Writing a review entails providing a comprehensive analysis of the book's writing style. In addition, you would study the book's themes, characters, storyline, and overall influence. 

A book review is meant to assist you in determining whether or not a book is worthwhile to read. It also facilitates conversation and allows people to express their ideas and viewpoints.

Book reviews are beneficial because they help people select books, provide writers criticism, and encourage a love of reading.

Examples of Book Reviews

Book reviews for fiction usually begin with an introduction that briefly describes the book and the author. In the case of fiction, the reviewer also discusses the plot summary without giving away any major spoilers. Finally, the reviewer offers their personal assessment and opinion, stating what they liked and didn't like about the book, and ends with a recommendation that indicates whether or not they would recommend it to others. The New York Times reviewed The Hazel Woods by Melissa Albert.

Alice Crewe, who has opted to go by her chosen last name, is descended from a fairy tale author: she is the granddaughter of Althea Proserpine, who wrote a book of eerie fairy tales titled "Tales From the Hinterland." Despite never having met her grandmother, Alice has discovered some information about her online thanks to the cult following of the novel. Ella Proserpine, her mother, has forbidden her from reading the stories, therefore she hasn't.

In an effort to elude the "bad luck" that seems to accompany them, Alice and Ella have relocated multiple times. Strange events have occurred. Alice was taken as a youngster by a man who took her on a road journey to locate her grandmother; however, the police stopped him before they could take Alice to her grandma. When at 17 Years later, when Alice sees the same man, unchanged, she becomes terrified. When Ella disappears, Alice turns to her schoolmate Ellery Finch—a huge fan of Althea Proserpine—for assistance in finding her mother. Finch not only knows every fairy tale in the collection by heart, but he also helpfully recalls them. He tells Alice these stories while they go to the enigmatic Hazel Wood, her grandmother's now-deceased estate, in the hopes of finding Ella.

In the nicest way conceivable, "The Hazel Wood" begins strangely and only gets stranger from there. (Although Albert gives them their own chapters, the fairy tales Finch recounts are just as spooky and vivid as you could imagine.) Albert skillfully blends fantasy and modern realities, softening the boundaries in a way that emphasizes that place, especially within the pages of an exceptionally good book, where magic includes truth and the world as it seems is fake, where real life and fiction collide. It's a compelling launching. 

Evaluations of Non-Fiction Books

Compared to reviews of fiction, writing a book review of a nonfiction book requires a different strategy. 

Usually, it starts with an introduction that gives background information on the author and the work. The review then provides a succinct synopsis of the material, emphasising the key points and defences. 

The purpose of non-fiction book reviews is to educate readers about the substance, value, and significance of the book so they can make wise decisions and participate in thought-provoking conversations.

How to Write a Good Book Review

Firstly, it's easier than you might think to write a good book review! Here are a few easy pointers to get you started: 

  • Read the book carefully, taking your time to pay attention to the story, the characters, the writing style, and the book title. 
  • Secondly, give a brief summary of the book that includes the main plot points and the overall theme.
  • Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about the book. Did you enjoy it? Was it a powerful story? Be honest in your assessment. 
  • Talk about the characters. Examine the characters' real-world aspects and their development.
  • Draw attention to the advantages: Determine the book's strong aspects, which could include an intriguing storyline, exquisite writing, or thought-provoking issues.
  • Mention any shortcomings you may have: It is acceptable to draw attention to the book's shortcomings. Perhaps there was an uneventful finale or a leisurely pace. Be truthful but courteous.
  • Give instances: Provide relevant instances from the text to back up your claims. Share a line from a book you love or a moment that really affected you. Additionally, you can use book review templates!
  • Think about the intended audience: Consider the readers of this book. Is it appropriate for a particular age range or set of hobbies?
  • Conclude with a suggestion: Would you suggest this book to others based on your assessment? Tell readers who you think would like it.
  • Edit and proofread: Check your review for spelling and punctuation errors before publishing or sharing it. Make sure your ideas are coherent and well-structured.

Recall that a well-written book review shares your genuine thoughts and assists readers in making an informed decision.


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In conclusion, writing a book review may be an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavour. You can write fantastic reviews if you adhere to the advice and examples provided in this article!

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