Cash For Blogging Part 2.

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There are a large number of websites that pay you for you to license their content. Each site is almost completely unique in the type of payments it offers, the copyrights it expects from your work, and more.

I have researched each site individually to find out what it is about and to help you decide whether or not the site will fit your needs.

I hope you get one or more websites that interest you and will help you expand your business, give you name recognition, and ultimately bring more traffic and sales to your business. When it comes to sites that pay you to write, you want highly established sites with a larger readership base, credibility, and high potential payments. Each of these sites has a different payment structure, some are performance based revenue sharing, some pay you upfront for your content, and others pay you per sale of your articles. 

I have listed the payment structure and a short review of each site covering the more important details of the website and how it is structured.

Before discrediting a website because of low payment or because payment is based on revenue sharing, reconsider the benefits of using these sites that I mentioned previously:

• Leverage the current traffic of these sites for potentially massive exposure to your name and possible your websites (for those that allow links) 

• Gain credibility to your name or brand, especially if your content is accepted into sites that have higher application standards and reputability

• Syndicate your content across multiple sites that require non-exclusive rights (and several of these do). 

• Make money while improving your writing skills by learning how to write for a network that requires far higher standards than many article directories. 

• Use the analytics of these sites to test out different writing techniques and topics faster than a new website. 

• For service providers: gain more clients through social networking on these sites, a readership base interested in your services, and a detailed author bio.

• For freelance writers: and add high quality samples to your resume and gain credibility to justify higher prices for your services. 

• For entrepreneurs not interested in writing: have an almost endless source of high quality writers, see their samples up front, and hire them for projects. There are many more benefits than this, but these are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head. 

The fact that these sites do offer some type of compensation is even more incentive for you to use them. And, when it comes to compensation, some of these sites have the potential to earn substantial revenue from the sale of content, particularly the sites that purchase exclusive content upfront or list content for sale.

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