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Just a few years ago, it seemed like everyone (including yours truly) was describing

the Web as the new Wild, Wild, West for businesspeople—a place where they could

strike out on their own, stake a claim, open up their own storefront, and start to do

business for the first time. Well, the bloom is off the rose, as far as e-commerce on

the Web is concerned, but eBay remains a thriving destination for anyone who wants

to make a few extra bucks or even start a new career as an auction seller.

eBay has quickly become a part of everyday life rather than a novelty enjoyed

by a few. Now that eBay has been around for several years, it has become more

reliable and easier to use. It has also inherited both the good and bad aspects of the

free market—the people who are trustworthy and community minded, as well as

those who don’t follow through with transactions and actively try to swindle other

people. Luckily, the first group of eBay users far outnumbers the second. eBay’s

network of trust still makes it great place to realize the highest possible profits

on online sales and start up your own online business. It’s also giving a new lease

on life to antique dealers and small business owners who have suddenly found a

worldwide market of eager bidders rather than local people who drove or walked

to their stores.

This book is for especially for people who want to sell regularly on eBay—

those who want to run a business selling on eBay. “Running an eBay business”

can mean a variety of things. It might mean you sell full-time on eBay, as some

experienced and successful sellers do. It might mean you make small but regular

part-time income selling after work or on the weekends. Or it might mean you sell

a handful of items on eBay each month. This book assumes, though, that you want

to sell regularly on eBay, and that you want to be a successful seller. It assumes

that you’re already familiar with eBay, at least as a buyer. Part I, “Get Started With

eBay” starts at the beginning—deciding what you want to sell, how you want to

sell it, and who you want to sell it to. You also get suggestions for how to do the

kind of strategic buying that will keep your business flowing smoothly rather

than having fits and starts simply because you’ve run out of merchandise to sell.

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